Information for Employers

What is YouRock?

YouRock is a free, multi-language, employability networking tool.

It helps employers to:

  • Identify proactive new employees with specific skills;
  • See international candidates in any of the system languages.

It helps users to:

  • Identify their professional work skills;
  • Build a dynamic profile showing their primary skill groups;
  • Create a portfolio of online content showing their skills.

The User Profile

The profile displays the users' skills in a ‘diamond’ with their strongest skill group as the largest segment.

  • Clicking on each segment shows the respective skills in the 'bubbles' below, with all skills listed below that.
  • A traditional Resume displays employment, education, qualifications, specific ICT skills, and languages.
  • A Portfolio of links to online content can show further evidence of the skills of users.
  • Endorsements that the user receives for any skills are shown under the Portfolio.

The Employer Search

Employers do not need to register to search and view user profiles.

  • Use the keyword search, or the search button will take you to the search page.
  • Employers can search for users by city, country and by the skills they have.
  • Results are ordered by relevance to the search criteria.

Multilingual profiles

User profiles can be displayed in any of the site languages by using the language chooser (top right).

  • This supports cross border recruitment and identifying users with international transferable skills.
  • The current languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • More languages will be added over time.

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